At the time of making the application for a permit, each peddler/solicitor shall present himself/herself at the office of the chief of police of the city for the purpose of being fingerprinted and supplying routine information required on the fingerprinting forms provided, without expense, by the city, including the physical characteristics of each person, identifying marks or scars, age, name, address and signature. Such fingerprint records are to be taken in triplicate and each individual so presenting himself/herself is advised that the city reserves the right to retain one of such fingerprint records in its files for permanent safekeeping, and to send one such fingerprint record to the federal bureau of investigation of the department of justice at Washington, D.C., and to the criminal investigation department of the California department of justice at Sacramento, California, for the purpose of filing. No fingerprint records will be returned in the event the permit applied for is not issued or is subsequently suspended or revoked. (Ord. 1662 § 1, 3-1-2005)