The city council of the city of Porterville finds that the city has had past problems with door to door sales that are conducted in a manner detrimental to its community members' safety. This includes, but is not limited to, such sales occurring late at night, posing a threat to the safety of those that are solicited as well as those that engage in peddling and soliciting activities as defined below. Additionally such sales are at times misrepresented as being made by or on the behalf of charitable nonprofit organizations, and these provisions will help deter such fraudulent conduct by requiring additional accountability from those engaged in door to door sales. The public safety and convenience necessitates the exercise of police power through the enactment and enforcement of the provisions proposed. However, these provisions are not intended to limit any persons from exercising their constitutional right to solicit funds, picket, protest, proselytize, or engage in other constitutionally protected activity. (Ord. 1662 § 1, 3-1-2005)