A.   Sidewalk vending hours’ limitations in areas zoned for nonresidential use will be as restrictive as any limitations on hours of operation imposed on other businesses or uses on the same street, excluding those permitted to operate 24 hours.
   B.   Sidewalk vending is limited to the hours of 9:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. for areas that are exclusively residential, unless modified by resolution of the City Council.
   C.   Stationary sidewalk vendors are prohibited from operating in areas that are exclusively residential.
   D.   A stationary sidewalk vendor is prohibited from operating in a city park if the City has entered into exclusive agreements for the sale of food or merchandise by one or more concessionaires for that city park.
   E.   A sidewalk vendor is prohibited.from operating within 500 feet of a permitted certified farmers’ market, a permitted swap meet, or any area subject to a temporary use permit or Community Civic Event for the duration of the permit. (Ord. 1852, 3-26-2019)