A.   Only sidewalk vendors with valid sidewalk vending permits issued by the Finance Director may vend upon the city’s public right-of-way.
   B.   To apply for a sidewalk vending permit, the applicant must provide:
      1.   A completed application form containing:
         a.   Their name and mailing address;
         b.   Description of the merchandise offered for sale or exchange;
         c.   If the sidewalk vendor is an agent of an individual, company, partnership, or corporation, the name and business address of the principal and any owners of the company, partnership, or corporation; and
         d.   Certification that the information is true to his or her knowledge and belief.
      2.   A copy of a California’s driver’s license or identification number, an individual taxpayer identification number, or a social security number. Such information is not a public record and will remain confidential as required by Government Code section 51038(c)(4).
      3.   A copy of a valid California Department of Tax and Fee Administration seller’s permit, as required.
      4.   A copy of a valid Mobile Food Permit issued by the Tulare County Department of Health and Human Services, as required.
   C.   To ensure the safety of residents and the merchantability of products sold by vendors without a fixed place of business, the city requires all sidewalk vending applicants to undergo a fingerprinting background check and to submit the results to the city as an attachment to their application.
   D.   The sidewalk vending permit application shall require the applicant to agree, in writing, to comply with all the provisions of this chapter and all applicable provisions of the Porterville Municipal Code. (Ord. 1852, 3-26-2019)