The purpose of this chapter is to promote the development of transportation demand management (TDM) programs at all existing development and at new development within the city. In order to accomplish this purpose, this chapter establishes certain requirements to enable the city of Porterville to evaluate the effectiveness of TDM programs and to chart progress toward achieving the average vehicle ridership goals established in this chapter. It is also the purpose of this chapter to require certain employers to designate specified individuals to ensure the proper coordination of such reporting and implementation programs.
This chapter is intended to meet the requirements of Government Code section 6508(a) et seq., which mandates the development of a trip reduction and travel demand element of the congestion management program adopted by the Tulare County Association of Government/Transportation Planning Agency (TCAG/TPA). Further, the legislation requires all local agencies to prepare and adopt a TDM ordinance. (Ord. 1482 § 1, 12-15-1992)