EDITOR'S NOTE: The City of Point Pleasant was originally granted a Charter by the Legislature of West Virginia on February 16, 1915 (Chapter 19, Senate Bill 311). Dates appearing in parentheses following section headings indicate that those sections were subsequently amended, added or repealed on the dates given.
Sec. 1. Name and Corporate Powers.
Sec. 2. Boundaries.
Sec. 3. Wards.
Sec. 4. Redistricting and Increasing Number of Wards.
Sec. 5. Officers.
Sec. 6. Conduct of Elections. (12-11-06)
Sec. 7. Terms of Office. (2-8-71)
Sec. 8. Oath of Office.
Sec. 9. Duties, Bonds and Compensation of Appointed Officers. (3-10-69)
Sec. 10. General Powers of the Council.
Sec. 11. Removals, Vacancies.
Sec. 12. Meetings of Council; Transaction of Business.
Sec. 13. The Minutes; Yeas and Nays.
Sec. 14. The Mayor. (3-10-69)
Sec. 15. The Clerk.
Sec. 16. The Assessor.
Sec. 17. Tax Duplicate.
Sec. 18. The Treasurer.
Sec. 19. The Marshal.
Sec. 20. Marshal's Settlement and Compensation.
Sec. 21. Remedy Against the Marshal.
Sec. 22. Finances and Expenditures.
Sec. 23. Penalty for the Nonpayment of Taxes.
Sec. 24. Lien for Taxes; Fines.
Sec. 25. Enforcement of Ordinances.
Sec. 26. Enforcement of Judgments.
Sec. 27. Duty of Jailer; Jail Expenses.
Sec. 28. Docket.
Sec. 29. Appeals from Judgments in City Cases.
Sec. 30. Trial in Court.
Sec. 31. Judgment in Court.
Sec. 32. Appeals in Other Cases.
Sec. 33. Chief of Police.
Sec. 34. Arrests and Service of Process.
Sec. 35. Licenses.
Sec. 36. Condemnation Proceedings.
Sec. 37. Paving Streets.
Sec. 38. Paving Sidewalks.
Sec. 39. Rights and Liabilities of the City.
Sec. 40. Providing Voting Places.
Sec. 41. Repealing Inconsistent Acts.