Article I. Administrative Violations
1-4A-1: Designation Of Administrative Violations
1-4A-2: Administrative Violations Are Not Exclusive Remedy
1-4A-3: Levels Of Administrative Violations
1-4A-4: Sanctions For Administrative Violations
1-4A-5: Standards For Imposition Of Administrative Sanctions
Article II. Administrative Enforcement Procedures
1-4A-10: Responsibility And Authority
1-4A-11: Purpose Of Enforcement
1-4A-12: Guidelines For Exercising Administrative Enforcement Authority
1-4A-13: Notice To Correct And Stop Order
1-4A-14: Notice Of Administrative Violation
1-4A-15: Right Of Entry For Inspection
1-4A-16: Informal Attempts To Encourage Compliance
1-4A-17: Service Of Notices
1-4A-18: Responsibility Of Parent(s) And/Or Legal Guardian
1-4A-19: Confidentiality In Connection With Citizen Complaints
Article III. Hearings
1-4A-30: Right To A Hearing
1-4A-31: Preservation Of Status Quo Pending Hearing
1-4A-32: Request For Hearing And Fee; Notice Of Denial Of Hearing Based On Untimely Appeal
1-4A-33: Meeting With Enforcement Authority
1-4A-34: Mediation
1-4A-35: Timely Hearing
1-4A-36: Notice Of Time And Place Of Hearing
1-4A-37: Hearing Officer
1-4A-38: Ex Parte Communications
1-4A-39: Rights Of The Parties
1-4A-40: Hearing Procedure
1-4A-41: Hearing Open To The Public
1-4A-42: Oath
1-4A-43: Quantum And Burden Of Proof
1-4A-44: Rules Of Evidence
1-4A-45: Subpoenas
1-4A-46: Record Of The Hearing
1-4A-47: Written Transcript
1-4A-48: Written Decision
Article IV. Judicial Review
1-4A-60: Final Administrative Decision
1-4A-61: Judicial Review
1-4A-62: Review Standard
Article V. Enforcement Of Monetary Sanctions
1-4A-70: When Monetary Sanctions Are Due
1-4A-71: Place For Payment Of Monetary Sanction
1-4A-72: Failure To Pay A Monetary Sanction