(A)   The following shall be designated as administrative violations and shall be subject to enforcement pursuant to the provisions of this chapter:
      1.   All violations of this code, unless otherwise excepted by ordinance; (Ord. 1572, 4-24-2001)
      2.   All violations of state codes adopted by the city of Placerville; (Ord. 1572, 4-24-2001; amd. Ord. 1642, 6-14-2011)
      3.   All violations of design standards adopted by the city council and/or the planning commission and on file with the city clerk;
      4.   All violations of conditions imposed on any entitlement, permit, contract, or environmental document issued or approved by the city of Placerville;
      5.   All violations of state laws enforced by the city of Placerville that have been designated for enforcement through this chapter by ordinance.
   (B)   An administrative violation may only be adjudicated pursuant to the administrative enforcement procedures established in sections 1-4A-10 through 1-4A-48 of this chapter. Each responsible person shall have the right to request an administrative hearing and subsequent judicial review pursuant to the procedures established in Code of Civil Procedure sections 1094.5 and 1094.6 before the city will take action to collect any administrative penalty. (Ord. 1572, 4-24-2001)