The parties to a hearing shall have the following rights:
   (A)   Timely and adequate notice of the time and place of the hearing, their rights during the hearing and the issues that are to be the subject of the hearing;
   (B)   The right to present evidence and witnesses;
   (C)   The right to present argument;
   (D)   The right to be represented. The representative need not be an attorney;
   (E)   The right to open disclosure of all evidence presented to the hearing officer in the case;
   (F)   The right to confront and cross examine adverse witnesses;
   (G)   The right to subpoena witnesses or documents;
   (H)   The right to a verbatim record of the hearing;
   (I)   The right to a decision based upon the evidence in the record of the hearing;
   (J)   The right to an impartial hearing officer;
   (K)   The right to a written decision setting forth the reasons for the decision and the evidence relied upon. (Ord. 1572, 4-24-2001)