With the filing of a request for a hearing or at any time before a hearing, the enforcement authority or a responsible person may request that an impartial mediator be appointed to help resolve the issues relating to the charged violation and/or proposed sanctions. The purpose of the mediation shall be to provide an opportunity for the enforcement authority and a responsible person to reach mutual agreement upon steps to achieve compliance with this code or other applicable laws. If the enforcement authority agrees to mediation, the city clerk shall appoint a volunteer mediator to assist in the resolution of the dispute. The hearing may be postponed until completion of the mediation if both parties agree to the postponement. The city will solicit members of the community to act as volunteer mediators. Mediators will not receive compensation but shall be recognized publicly for their service to the community. If the enforcement authority and the responsible person reach agreement on a compliance plan, that agreement shall be placed in writing and shall be signed by the enforcement authority, the responsible person and the mediator. If the terms of the agreement are violated, the enforcement authority shall serve a notice of administrative violation as provided for in section 1-4A-14 of this chapter. (Ord. 1572, 4-24-2001)