16.16.010  FILING.
   A.   Within one year after approval or conditional approval of the tentative map, the subdivider shall cause the subdivision, or any part thereof, to be surveyed and a final map thereof be prepared in conformance with the tentative map as approved or conditionally approved. The tracing, or a Van Dyke negative and three blue line prints, one of which shall be on linen, of the final map shall be filed with the planning commission, together with a filing fee of twenty-five dollars plus three dollars per lot shown on the final map, which map shall be checked by the office of the city engineer. An extension of time for filing of the final map may be granted by the City Council upon recommendation by the planning commission, provided written application is made by the subdivider within one year after action on tentative map.
   B.   At the time of the filing of the final map with the planning commission, the subdivider shall also file therewith the following:
      1.   In the event any dedication is to be made for the public use, a preliminary title report issued by a title insurance company in the name of the owner of the land, issued to or for the benefit and protection of the city of Pinole, showing all parties whose consent is necessary to their interests therein;
      2.   The instrument prohibiting traffic over the side lines of a major highway, parkway, street, or freeway, when and if the same is required under Section 16.20.230.
      3.   Photostat copies of field notes, sheets and drawings showing traverse closures, and the computation of all distances, angles and courses shown on the final map, ties to existing and proposed monuments, and adjacent subdivisions, street corners and/or highway stations. (Ord. 89 § 4.1, 1955).