When any lots proposed for commercial usage front on any major or secondary street or highway, the subdivider shall be required to dedicate and improve a service road to provide ingress or egress to and from such lots or in lieu thereof, if approved by the planning commission, the subdivider may dedicate for public use and improve an area approved by the planning commission and adjacent to such lots, for off-street parking purposes. When the front of any lots proposed for residential usage front on any freeway, state highway, or parkway, the subdivider shall dedicate and improve a service road at the front of such lots, unless such is already existent as a part of such freeway or parkway. In addition to any requirement for a service road, the planning commission may require adequate off-street parking areas for all lots. (Ord. 2008-05 § 2, 2008: Ord. 89 § 5.5, 1955).