2.32.030   Public notice and meeting.
   A.   Before any rulemaking, including the amendment or repeal of any existing rule, the proponent will file a notice of the proposed action with the clerk of the board. The notice will include:
      1.   The exact wording of the proposed rule.
      2.   The date and location of scheduled public meetings on the proposed rule.
      3.   The closing date of the public comment period.
      4.   The address for submission of public comments.
   B.   The clerk of the board will post the notice of proposed action on the county website.
   C.   The public comment period will begin the date the notice of proposed action is posted on the county website and will close seven calendar days following the last public meeting required by A.R.S. Section 11-251.18(B)(1) or A.R.S. Section 48-3609.02(B)(1).
   D.   Not less than fourteen calendar days following posting of the notice of proposed action on the county website, the proponent will conduct one or more public meetings to receive public comment on the proposed rule.
   E.   The proponent may, with fourteen calendar days' notice, schedule additional public meetings or may extend the public comment period.
   F.   The proponent may meet informally with any interested party for the purpose of discussing any proposed rule.
(Ord. 2015-46 § 1 (part), 2015)