8.32.220   Hydrotherapy pools, hot tubs and spa pools.
   In addition to complying with the applicable regulations in Sections 8.32.010 through 8.32.200, hydrotherapy swimming pools shall comply with the following regulations:
   A.   Depth. Hydrotherapy pools shall have a maximum depth of forty-two inches. The bottom shall have a maximum slope of one foot in ten feet and be finished with a nonslip surface. A set of entrance steps and handrails shall be installed. The step riser height shall not be less than seven inches nor greater than twelve inches. Where the bottom tread serves as a bench or seat, the bottom riser may be a maximum of fourteen inches above the spa floor. All steps, benches or other projections from the walls shall be outlined on the top surface edges by a continuous line of contrasting colored tile or other suitable material that is clearly visible from the edge of the pool.
   B.   Circulation. Hydrotherapy pools shall have a minimum turnover cycle of thirty minutes. A separate water recirculation and disinfection system shall be installed for hydrotherapy pools. Therapy heads or other devices which create roiling water or other similar effects may not be connected to the recirculation system but must be operated through a separate system. A waste outlet main drain shall be provided. Skimmers shall be provided at the rate of one skimmer for each two hundred square feet of pool surface. Skimmer flow rates shall be the same as required for swimming pools. Where only one skimmer is provided, the main drain shall be connected through the skimmer. Inlets shall be provided on a basis of at least one for each fifteen feet of pool periphery and shall be on a closed-loop piping system.
   C.   Lighting. All hydrotherapy pools, hot tubs and spa pools shall be constructed with underwater pool lighting to provide adequate underwater pool illumination.
   D.   Temperature. The maximum temperature of a hydrotherapy pool, hot tub or spa pool shall not exceed one hundred four (104) degrees Fahrenheit (forty (40) degrees Celsius). A thermostatic control for the water temperature is required on the pool heater.
   E.   Miscellaneous. Hydrotherapy pools, hot tubs, and spa pools shall be separated from the main swimming pool by a minimum of four feet of walkway unless located contiguous with the swimming pool. Where a hydrotherapy pool is located contiguous with a swimming pool, the separating wall shall be designed to preclude its use as a walkway.
   F.   Walkways. A minimum of four feet of deck shall be provided on at least two contiguous sides of the pool and fifty percent of the periphery.
   G.   Drains. All drains and outlets of hydrotherapy pools must have plumbing provisions so as to relieve any possibility of entrapping suction. The total velocity through grate openings shall not exceed two feet per second.
   H.   Disinfection. Gaseous chlorine shall not be used for the disinfection of hydrotherapy pools.
   I.   A fifteen minute timer shall be installed to operate the therapy system. The timer shall be located at least eight feet from the edge of the pool.
(Ord. 1990-81 § 13, 1990: Ord. 1984-42 (part), 1984: prior code § 23.60.050)