8.32.200   Semipublic swimming pools.
   In addition to complying with the regulations in Sections 832.010 through 8.32.180 and subsections A through F of Section 8.32.190, semipublic swimming pools shall comply with the following regulations:
   A.   Safety Equipment Safety equipment consisting of at least one ring buoy with a length of one-quarter-inch rope attached to reach across the pool and one shepherd's crook mounted on a rigid sixteen-foot pole shall be located and maintained ready for immediate use at each pool.
   B.   Fencing.
      1.   All swimming pools shall be protected by a fence, wall, or other approved barrier from all parts of the premises not directly related to the swimming pool. Fences, walls or artificial barriers shall be:
         a.   Of five-foot minimum height;
         b.   Equipped with a self-closing and positive self-latching closure mechanism at a minimum height of four and one-half feet.
      2.   The mechanical filtering, disinfection and recirculating equipment must be protected from tampering by a suitable enclosure or fence, at least five feet high.
   C.   Walkways.
      1.   Walkways shall be provided immediately adjacent to semipublic pools and shall be at least four feet wide, except that where diving boards and platforms are installed, the walkway shall extend at least four feet to each side and behind the board or platform.
      2.   Walkways shall slope away from the pool with a pitch of at least one-quarter-inch per foot to properly located deck drains or other approved points of disposal.
      3.   Walkways shall be constructed of concrete or other material as approved by the department, with a nonslip finish, free of sharp or jagged edges or surfaces.
      4.   Design of walkways shall conform to the dimensions shown in Appendix A of the ordinance codified in this chapter, on file and available for public inspection with the county health department.
   D.   Floor Slope. In water less than five feet in depth, the slope shall not exceed one foot in ten feet.
   E.   Bathhouses and Dressing Room Facilities. Omission of part or all of the poolside shower and toilet facilities may be approved for a pool at a hotel, motel, apartment complex, condominium, mobile home park or the like when other facilities are available near the pool.
   F.   Depth. The depth in the shallow portion of the pool shall have a minimum depth of water in the shallow end of the main swimming area of between three feet and three feet six inches with three feet six inches recommended for racing lanes. Exceptions may be made in a recessed area of the main swimming pool, outside of the competitive swimming course, when the pool is of irregular shape. Pools intended for competitive diving and swimming shall be designed and constructed so as to provide the water depths specified by the appropriate activity (FINA, AAU, NCAA, N.F., etc.).
(Ord. 1990-81 § 11, 1990: Ord. 1984-42 (part), 1984: prior code § 23.60.030)