8.32.010   Purpose and scope.
   A.   These regulations are promulgated pursuant to A.R.S. Section 36-136, which authorizes the director of the county health department to:
      1.   Preserve and secure the health, comfort and welfare of the general public;
      2.   Prevent the spread of contagious and communicable disease;
      3.   Prevent the existence of unclean, filthy and unsanitary conditions and nuisances.
   B.   These regulations prescribe minimum standards for design of pools and sanitary conditions which shall be maintained at any public or semi-public swimming pool or bathing place. These regulations also provide for inspection of such premises and for closing any premises or facility which does not comply with the minimum standards.
   C.   It is the intent of the board of supervisors to adopt this chapter pursuant to A.R.S. Sections 11-251, 36-136 and 36-184, as amended.
(Ord. 1984-42 (part), 1984: prior code § 23.60.010(A))