2.04.080   Referendum procedure.
   Referendum petitions shall be in the form prescribed by state law and shall be presented to the deputy clerk of the board, director, division of elections, within thirty days from the passage of the measure proposed to be referred to the people. Upon certification that ten percent of the qualified electors of the county have signed such petitions, the measure, item or section thereof protested shall be suspended from going into operation until the board has acted to repeal such measure or the people have acted upon such referred measure at an election. Upon certification, the board shall:
   A.   Repeal the protested measure within twenty days; or
   B.   Within twenty-five days proceed to call a special election, at which the protested measure shall be submitted to the vote of the people; or
   C.   Within twenty-five days set the measure to be submitted to the vote of the people at the next scheduled general election.
(Prior code § 11.08.040(E))