Chapter 6.04
6.04.010   Applicability.
6.04.020   Definitions.
6.04.030   Dogs and canine-wild animal hybrids at large prohibited—Penalty—Exceptions. Dog and canine-wild animal hybrid waste removal required—Exceptions—Penalty.
6.04.035   Authority to remove and impound—Bites—Rabies exposures.
6.04.040   Impoundment of dogs and canine-wild animal hybrids at large. Micro chipping of impounded animals. Reclaiming of animals.
6.04.050   Enforcement authority—Disposition of fines.
6.04.060   Shelter and veterinary care fees.
6.04.070   Dog vaccinating, licensing and permitting procedure and fees within county limits.
6.04.080   Duty to produce—Penalty.
6.04.090   Mandatory spay/neuter program for dogs and cats.
6.04.100   Advisory committee—Established—Powers and duties.
6.04.110   Cruelty and neglect of animals.
6.04.120   Vicious or destructive animals.
6.04.130   Authority to remove and impound.
6.04.140   Procedures to remove and forfeit animals; notice; order to show cause hearing; appeal.
6.04.150   Dangerous animals.
6.04.160   Excessive noise caused by animals or birds.
6.04.170   Sale of animals at swap meets and public property prohibited—Exceptions—Penalty.
6.04.180   Disposition of animals.