TITLE TWO - General Provisions
      Chap. 202.   Codified Ordinances.
      Chap. 204.   Official Standards.
      Chap. 206.   Public Meetings.
      Chap. 208.   Identity Theft Prevention Program.
   TITLE FOUR - Legislation
         Chap. 220.   Council.
         Chap. 222.   Ordinances and Resolutions.
   TITLE SIX - Administration
         Chap. 230.     Mayor.
         Chap. 232.     City Manager.
         Chap. 234.     City Clerk.
         Chap. 236.     Director of Finance.
         Chap. 242.     Police Department.
         Chap. 248.     Personnel Policies and Employment Provisions.
         Chap. 250.     Ethics.
   TITLE EIGHT - Boards and Commissions
         Chap. 266.     Boards and Commissions.
         Chap. 268.     Utility Fees Review Committee.
         Chap. 270.     Planning and Zoning Commission.
         Chap. 272.     Board of Zoning Appeals.
         Chap. 274.     Parks and Recreation Board/Tree and Beautification Commission.
         Chap. 276.     Personnel Appeals Board and Tax Appeal Board.
         Chap. 278.     Tree and Beautification Commission.  (Repealed)
         Chap. 280.     Charter Review Commission.  (Repealed)
   TITLE TEN - Judiciary
         Chap. 290.     Mayor's Court