(A)   A franchisee must implement remedial requirements, including prospective rate reductions and refunds, within 60 days of the date the City Council issues an order mandating a remedy.
   (B)   Within 90 days of the date an order mandating a remedy is issued, a franchisee must file a certification, signed by an authorized representative of the cable company stating:
      (1)   Whether the franchisee has complied fully with all provisions of the City Council’s order;
      (2)   Describing in detail the precise measures taken to implement the City Council’s order; and
      (3)   Showing how refunds (including interest) were calculated and distributed.
   (C)   It is each franchisees’ responsibility to keep books and records of account so that it can refund any amounts owed to subscribers.
   (D)   It is each franchisees’ duty to submit as complete a filing as possible, and knowingly withholding information or making a filing that is incomplete under applicable law shall be treated as an evasion of this chapter.
   (E)   Information requests records of revenues or expenses that are allocated to the franchisee’s system must respond to requests for information from the city by deadlines established by the city. A franchisee is:
      (1)   A franchisee and any other entity that has responsible for ensuring that such other entity responds to the city’s requests.
      (2)   Because federal law limits the time available for an initial response to a filing by a franchisee, before the order contemplated by § 113.02(B) issues, the franchisee must be prepared to respond to requests for information regarding its filing within 5 days of the date an information request is mailed to it. The information may include the information the franchisee would be required to provide as part of any supplementary filing.
(Prior Code KOC, § 610.4, passed 11-1-1993)