114.01   Adoption of State Alcoholic Beverage Control Law
   114.02   Published notice of application
   114.03   Delinquent taxes; license withheld
   114.04   Forfeitures
   114.05   Compliance with other ordinances and regulations
   114.06   Conditions governing licenses
   114.07   Issuance of license; receipt of fees
   114.08   Revocation or suspension of license
   114.09   Transfer of license or business
   114.10   Spirits; hours of sale
   114.11   Beer; hours of sale
   114.12   Minors; prohibitions governing
   114.13   Display of printed warning
   114.14   Treating prohibited
   114.15   Premises; approval of by Health Department and fire prevention
   114.16   Books and records
   114.17   Spirits outside locked department; discovery of
   114.18   Operation without a license
   114.19   Licensee to notify employee that sales of alcohol to minors prohibited; acknowledgment
   114.20   Licensee to notify employee that proof of age required
   114.21   Failure to pay fines
   114.99   Penalty