Burning Debris and Rubbish
   93.01   Open burning prohibited
Fire Lanes
   93.10   Short title
   93.11   When required; placement and width
   93.12   Approval of Fire Chief required
   93.13   Maintenance
   93.14   Parking within fire lane or zone prohibited
   93.15   Issuance of citation for violation
   93.16   Appeals of parking citations
Hazardous Substances
   93.20   Hazardous substances; recovery of costs
Fire Protection
   93.25   Responsibility for fire protection
   93.26   Additional fire protection; fees
   93.27   Maintenance
Fire Suppression
   93.35   Short title
   93.36   Liability for payment of cost of fire suppression
   93.37   Liability extended to person causing or directing fire
   93.38   Determination of costs and expenses of suppressing fire
   93.39   Bill prepared by city, payable to city
   93.40   Late payment to result in legal action by city
   93.99   Penalty
   Fire Department, see §§ 32.080 through 32.082
   Fire safety regulations for buildings, see §§ 150.30 through 150.32
Statutory reference:
   Fire prevention and control, see F.S. § 633.065 et seq.
   Municipal Fire Chiefs authorized to enforce laws of State Fire Marshall, see F.S. § 633.121