606.27   REWARDS.
   (a)   Any person, excluding elected officials, policemen, firemen or other employees of the City, furnishing information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person or persons committing any crime in, at or upon any real or personal property devoted to public use in the City, may apply for a reward for such information, which reward may be paid by the City in an amount not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100.00).
   (b)   Each person desiring to apply for a reward under division (a) of this section shall submit his or her request in writing to the Director of Finance, stating the information furnished and asserting the reasons upon which the applicant relies for the granting of a reward.  The Mayor, the Director of Public Safety and the Director of Finance shall constitute a Board of three persons to determine the merits of all requests for reward based upon the application and a hearing if the same is deemed necessary.  A majority vote of the Board shall determine if a reward shall be granted, to whom and the amount thereof.  The decision of the Board shall be final.
(Ord. 1965-45. Passed 6-7-65.)