606.26   STOP AND FRISK.
   (a)   When a police officer has reasonable cause to believe that the behavior of an individual warrants further investigation for criminal activity, the officer may stop and question such person.
   (b)   When a police officer has stopped a person for questioning pursuant to division (a) of this section and he has reasonable cause to believe that there is danger to himself or others, he may conduct a limited search of that person for dangerous weapons. The police officer may take and keep such weapon or any other thing, the possession of which may constitute a crime, until he has completed the questioning, at which time he shall either return such property so taken if lawfully possessed, or arrest such person and dispose of such property according to law.
   (c)   In enforcing divisions (a) and (b) of this section, the Department of Police and the individual police officer shall take special care not only to honor the rights of citizens as defined by the Constitution of the United States but also to safeguard the personal dignity of all those affected by it.
(Ord. 1968-74. Passed 11-25-68.)