(a) Pursuant to Ohio R.C. 2933.43(D), there is hereby established a Law Enforcement Trust Fund into which shall be deposited the proceeds from the sale of contraband after the payment of:
      (1)   Costs of the forfeiture procedure;
      (2)   Any balance due on any security interest; and
      (3)   Costs of seizing for storage, maintenance, security and forfeiture of the property.
   (b)   Pursuant to Ohio R.C. 2933.43(D) and upon approval by the Director of Public Safety, the Police Department may use the funds of the Law Enforcement Trust Fund as follows:
      (1)   For the payment of the costs of protracted or complex investigations or prosecutions;
      (2)   To provide reasonable technical training or expertise;
      (3)   To provide matching funds to obtain Federal grants to aid law enforcement; or
      (4)   For such other law enforcement purposes as Council determines to be appropriate.
   (c)   The receipts and disbursements related to the Law Enforcement Trust Fund shall be subject to accounting as provided for all other Municipal funds.
   (d)   The Director of Finance is hereby directed to furnish a certified copy of this section to the Bureau of Inspection and Supervision of Public Offices of the State, and to request the approval of such Bureau for the establishment of such Fund.
(Ord. 1987-21. Passed 5-11-87.)