(a)   The center lane of five lanes for vehicular traffic in both directions on Pearl Road, Ridgewood Drive, Stumph Road, West 130 Street and York Road, as determined by the Director of Public Safety and appropriately marked, is hereby reserved as a left turning lane only. Such lane shall not be entered except for making left turns as hereinafter provided, except to pass other vehicular traffic in the event of an emergency or when directed by a police officer. Entry into such lane for left turns shall not be made more than 200 feet prior to the point of turning, except that such point of entry shall not be intersected by any street intersecting from the left side.  Except as herein provided, there shall be no other travel or passing of other traffic in such turning lane.
   (b)   Traffic control devices conforming to the State Highway Director's manual in accordance with Ohio R.C. 4511.11(E) shall be erected at appropriate points overhead and in such turning lane as determined by the Director of Public Safety.
(Ord. 1978-5. Passed 3-13-78.)