193.52   TAX CREDIT.
   (a)   When the taxable income of a resident of the City is subject to a municipal tax in another municipality or a Joint Economic Development District on the same income taxable under this chapter, such resident shall be allowed a credit of the amount of income tax paid on such taxable income to such other municipality equal to 100% taxable credit of a 2% limit of city income tax withheld or paid to other cities, including the taxes paid by a pass-through entity on behalf of the partners and/or shareholders.
   (b)   A claim for credit or refund under this section shall be made in such a manner as the Administrator may by regulation provide. If such City resident fails, neglects or refuses to file an annual return or declaration in the form prescribed by the Administrator, he or she shall not be entitled to such credit or refund and shall be considered in violation of this chapter for failure to file a return.
(Ord. 1986-41. Passed 8-11-86; Ord. 2001-13. Passed 4-9-01; Ord. 2004-36. Passed 12-13-04.)