No tax shall be levied under this chapter with respect to any admission all the proceeds of which inure:
   (a)   Exclusively to the benefit of religious, educational or charitable institutions, societies or organizations, if no part of the net earnings thereof inures to the benefit of any private stockholder or individual;
   (b)   Exclusively to the benefit of persons in the military or naval forces of the United States, or of National Guard organizations, reserve officer associations or posts or organizations of war veterans, or auxiliary units or societies of any such posts or organizations, if such posts, organizations, units or societies are organized in the State and if no part of their net earnings, inures to the benefit of any private stockholder or individual;
   (c)   Exclusively to the benefit of persons who serve in the military or naval forces of the United States and are in need;
   (d)   Exclusively to the benefit of members of the Departments of Police and Fire of any municipal corporation, or the dependents or heirs of such members; or
   (e)   Exclusively to the benefit of any fund of the City, the proceeds from which are expended for a Municipal purpose.
   The exemption from tax provided by this section shall, however, not be allowed in cases of admission to wrestling matches, prize fights, boxing, sparring or other pugilistic matches or exhibitions, nor in the case of admissions to any athletic game or exhibition the proceeds of which inure wholly or partly to the benefit of any high school, academy, preparatory or other school, in cases wherein the admission price is forty-one cents (41£) or more, or wholly or partly to the benefit of any college or university.
   Immediately after the event for which an exemption from admissions tax has been allowed, the treasurer of the institution, society or organization for whose benefit such event was held shall file an itemized statement with the Director of Finance, setting forth the amount of money actually received by such treasurer, together with the expense of promoting and conducting such event.  Such statement shall be used as a basis of subsequent requests for exemption from admissions tax for the benefit of such institution, society or organization.  If such statement shows a disproportionate expenditure for promoting and conducting such event in relation to the profits, if any, no such exemption shall thereafter be allowed to such institution, society or organization.
   The exemption from tax provided in this section shall not be allowed to any institution, society or organization which does not control the sale of admissions to the event for which the exemption is requested, nor shall any exemption be allowed where talent, services or other items are compensated for on a percentage basis, if such percentage results in a payment in excess of the flat rate ordinarily charged for the same talent, services or other items.
(Ord. 1960-95. Passed 11-28-60.)