(a)   All city employees who are members of the Ohio National Guard, the Ohio Naval Militia, the Ohio Military Reserve or other reserve components of the Armed Forces of the United States shall be entitled to leaves of absence from their respective scheduled duties for such time as they are in such military service  on field training or active duty, for periods not exceeding thirty-one days in any calendar year.
   (b)   If a City employee's military pay or compensation during such period of leave of absence from scheduled duties is less than his or her City pay would have been for such period, he or she shall be paid by the City the difference in money between the City pay and his or her military pay for such period.    In determining such employee's military pay for the purposes of this section, allowances for travel, food or housing shall not be considered, but any other pay or allowance of whatever nature, including longevity pay, shall be considered.
   (c)   Such leave of absence from scheduled duties shall not affect the person's rights to vacation leave, sick leave, bonuses or other normal benefits of his or her employment.   
(Ord. 1987-42. Passed 9-14-87.)