(a)   If the body of an indigent person is claimed by relatives or friends who arrange for the funeral according to their wishes, the City shall not pay all or any part of the expenses for the same.
   (b)   The City's Indigent Burial Policy is not supplemental. No person, including the funeral director or funeral home personnel, shall seek or accept any funds above the amounts set forth herein. Upon completion of the cremation, the funeral director shall submit an itemized bill to the City containing the following information:
      (1)   Name and age of the deceased;
      (2)   Place of burial;
      (3)   Services performed;
      (4)   Total costs of services;
      (5)   Amount received from other sources; and
      (6)   Amount due from the City.
   (c)   The funeral director or funeral home shall reduce the cost to the City by the amount of funds received from any other source. If additional funds are paid to the funeral director or funeral home after the City has paid as herein provided, the City shall be refunded the exact amount of the additional funds paid to the funeral director or funeral home within 30 days of the receipt thereof. The funeral director shall submit a notarized statement to the Mayor, or designee, indicating his understanding and compliance with the provisions of this Policy.
   (d)   In the event that it is found after the cremation of the deceased and payment of the cremation and/or burial expenses by the City, that such indigent decedent and/or indigent claimant had means, assets, insurance or other benefits or allowances available for the payment of all or part of such expenses, such proceedings may be taken to recover such costs and expenses as may be authorized by law.
(Ord. 2021-8.  Passed 2-22-21.)