Except as otherwise expressly provided in this section, temporary uses are permitted in any zoning district subject to the standards hereinafter established and subject to the issuance of a temporary permit.
   (a)   General Requirements.
      (1)   Parking. Before approving any temporary use, the Director of Public Service shall make an assessment of the total number of off-street parking spaces which shall be reasonably required for the particular use, its intensity, and the availability of other parking facilities in the area and shall approve such temporary use only if such off-street parking is provided.
      (2)   Hours or days of operation. No temporary use shall be operated during any hours or on any days of the week except such as are designated by the Director of Public Service in the temporary permit required by this section on the basis of the nature of the temporary use and the character of the surrounding uses.
   (b)   Contractors' Offices, Equipment Sheds and Construction Staging Areas.
      (1)   Contractors' offices, equipment sheds and construction staging areas containing no sleeping or cooking accommodations may be permitted in any district when accessory to a construction project.
      (2)   Temporary storage may be allowed as an accessory use to the contractor's office or equipment shed.
      (3)   Such use shall be limited to a period not to exceed the duration of such project.
   (c)   Special Outdoor Sales. Special outdoor sales may be permitted in a Class C District and in a Mixed Use District by an existing business that is licensed by the City on property which it owns or leases provided that:
      (1)   The business obtains a permit to conduct a special outdoor sale from the Director of Public Service at least two weeks prior to the date of the special outdoor sale.
      (2)   Sales are limited to software, such as wearing apparel, stationery, etc.; nonperishable foodstuffs; and hard goods, such as appliances, furniture, notions, etc. Motor vehicle sales are prohibited.
      (3)   The sales occur not more than three times in a calendar year by an existing business that is licensed by the City. The sales will be permitted on dates promulgated by the Director of Public Service. Such dates shall be determined by the first day of January of each year.
      (4)   The duration of each sale does not exceed three days. Additional time may be granted by the Director of Public Service.
      (5)   The location of such sales will not obstruct pedestrian circulation in and around the special sales area and will not create a safety hazard in terms of vehicular movement in the vicinity.
      (6)   Businesses conducting outdoor sales are solely responsible for securing their products from theft and vandalism.
      (7)   Upon completion of the sale the premises shall be immediately returned to its prior condition.
      (8)   No structures of a permanent nature are permitted.
      (9)   A site drawing may be required to be reviewed and approved by various departments of the City prior to a permit being issued.
      (10)   The following fees, to include inspections and reviews by the Director of Public Service and/or his designee, shall be paid to the municipality to cover permit fees, inspection and costs:
         A.   One special sale, per occurrence: twenty-five dollars ($25.00).
         B.   Three special sales applied for as one approved application: fifty dollars ($50.00).
(Ord. 2021-7.  Passed 1-25-21.)