Each full-time member of the Department of Public Service in the classification of Supervisor, Foreman and Mechanic Supervisor who is required to keep and maintain a commercial driver's license shall be entitled to an additional allowance for the maintenance of such commercial driver's license; which shall equal fifty cents ($0.50) per hour for all hours worked, effective December 1, 2003. This allowance shall be paid with each bi-weekly pay, in an amount to be derived by multiplying all hours worked in a current pay period by thirty cents ($0.30) per hour.
(Ord. 2000-16, passed 4-10-00; Ord. 2000-53.  Passed 11-27-00; Ord. 2006-10.  Passed 3-30-06; Ord. 2013-4.  Passed 2-25-13.)