(a)   The Director of Public Service shall purchase all materials, supplies, tools, machinery and equipment and shall supervise all construction, alterations and repairs in each of the various departments of the Municipality.  Such purchases, construction, alterations or repairs shall be administered and controlled by means of a numbered purchase order system.
   (b)   The issuance of a purchase order authorizing such purchases, construction, alterations or repairs shall be made by the Director only upon the prior issuance of a purchase requisition by such Director or by the officer at the head of the department for which it is to be made or done, or upon order of Council.
   (c)   An open purchase order for frequent purchases from the same vendor, supported by a requisition for each individual purchase, approved by the Director of Finance, may be issued by the Director of Public Service for a period not to exceed one year or to expire by December 31, whichever occurs sooner.  Each such open purchase order shall be assigned to only one vendor.
(Ord. 1985-4. Passed 2-11-85.)