121.02   HOLIDAYS.
   When a regular meeting time of Council falls upon a holiday as defined herein, Council shall meet on the day following the holiday at the same hour and place at which regular meetings are ordinarily held.
   A holiday for the purposes of this chapter shall be any of the following:
   (a)   A national holiday;
   (b)   A State holiday; or
   (c)   A holiday celebrated by and within the City.
   It shall be the duty of the Mayor to define a certain day as being a holiday and to declare it as such. Notice of the holidays shall be given by the Mayor at the regular meeting next preceding the meeting which would fall upon a holiday, or, in the event of a failure to so notify Council, the Mayor shall cause notice to be sent to each member of Council in the same manner in which notice of special meetings is given.
   In the event the Mayor is absent from the City or unable for any reason to perform this duty, the President of Council shall declare the holiday and give notice to Council in the same manner as is required of the Mayor herein.
(Ord. 1955-89. Passed 11-14-55.)