On January 2, 1959 and each ten years thereafter, the Mayor shall, with the advice and consent of Council, appoint a Commission of nine (9) qualified ejectors of the Municipality to be known as the Charter Review Commission. Such Commission shall review and recommend to the Council of the Municipality any alterations, revisions, and amendments to this Charter as in its judgment seem desirable. The Council shall submit to the electors any such proposed alterations, revisions, or amendments to this Charter, in the manner recommended by the Charter Review Commission. Each said Charter Review Commission shall cease to function on the day of the next regular municipal election following its appointment. The members appointed to said Commission shall not hold any other public office and shall serve without compensation. The meetings of the Charter Review Commission shall be open to the public in accordance with the provisions of this Charter. After the 2019 appointment of the Charter Review Commission, the Mayor shall, in the same manner detailed above, appoint such a commission every five (5) years for the same purpose.
(Amended by voters 5-2-89; 11-5-19)  (Ord. 2019-39.  Passed 12-9-19.)