(a)   Refused Access. Where the Building Inspector or his or her agent is refused access or is otherwise impeded or prevented by the owner, operator, occupier or agent from conducting an inspection of a rental housing property, such person shall be in violation of this chapter and subject to the penalties hereunder.
   (b)   Search Warrants or Access Warrants. In addition to the provisions of division (a) of this section, the Building Inspector may, upon affidavit, apply to Parma Municipal Court for a search warrant, setting forth factually the actual conditions and circumstances that provide a reasonable basis for believing that a nuisance or violation of this chapter exists on the premises. If the Court is satisfied as to the matter permitting access to and inspection of that part of the premises on which the nuisance or violation exists. A warrant for access may be issued by the Court upon an affidavit of the Building Inspector establishing grounds therefor.
(Ord. 2006-11.  Passed 4-10-06; Ord. 2018-4.  Passed 1-22-18.)