Accessory, service, storage and appurtenant buildings, such as tool sheds or other forms of outbuildings constructed of wood, metal or any other acceptable building materials, shall be permitted in Class “A” Districts pursuant to the following rules and regulations:
   (a)   No accessory or other similar outbuilding shall be erected without a building permit issued for such purpose.
   (b)   Only accessory buildings or similar outbuildings sold commercially or constructed with plans approved by the Building Inspector will be permitted.
   (c)   Every accessory building shall be used only for storage of materials or equipment incidental to the residential use of the property.
   (d)   Such accessory buildings may only be built in the back yard, no closer than nine feet from the main building.
   (e)   The maximum size shall be 120 square feet (external dimensions), with no wall having a length greater than twelve feet. The maximum height shall be ten feet from the grade.
   (f)   Every accessory building shall be anchored.
   (g)   When the rear property line of a corner parcel of land abuts the side property line of the adjoining parcel fronting on the side street, the accessory building or similar outbuilding set on the corner parcel shall be set back from the side line of the side street not less than the setback line for such side street.
   (h)   The owner of a house must place the accessory building or similar outbuilding at least three feet from the rear lot line and at least three feet from the abutting line.
   (i)   All accessory buildings or similar outbuildings shall be located only on a lot that contains a habitable dwelling.
(Ord. 1990-8. Passed 2-26-90.)