1383.13   APPEAL.
   If the applicant is dissatisfied with any determination of the Building Inspector made during the course of the application process, including but not limited to the calculation of fee due, the requirement of additional materials, the classification of a proposed sign, the denial of a permit, or the revocation of a permit, the applicant may, within ten business days following that determination, file with the Building Inspector an appeal from the Inspector's decision to the Board of Zoning Appeals. Upon receiving such a notice of appeal, the Building Inspector shall transmit all papers and other documents connected to the application to the Clerk of the Board of Zoning Appeals, which shall hear the applicant's appeal at a meeting which shall be scheduled and held no later then 30 days following the date of the filing of the notice of appeal. The Board of Zoning Appeals may decide to affirm, modify, reverse, or vacate the Building Inspector's decision, and shall render its decision and any order necessary to effectuate its decision within five days following its hearing of the applicant's appeal. The decision of the Board of Zoning Appeals shall be final and may only be reviewed by a court of Common Pleas, pursuant to the provisions of Ohio R.C. Chapter 2506. Upon the filing of an appeal with the court of Common Pleas, the Building Inspector shall immediately issue the applicant a provisional permit. The provisional permit will expire upon the Court's entry of a judgment on the applicant's action to appeal, challenge, restrain or otherwise enjoin the City's enforcement. If the court rules in favor of the City, all noncomplying signs shall be promptly removed at the applicant and/or owner's expense.
(Ord. 2001-49. Passed 12-10-01.)