(a)   Upon receipt of a complete and accurate application for an erection permit complying with Section 1383.11, the Building Inspector shall examine the plans and specifications and the premises upon which the proposed sign or advertising structure shall be erected.
   (b)   Unless the applicant applies for a variance from a provision or provisions of the Zoning Code in order to erect his or her sign or advertising structure as proposed, or the applicant engages in other conduct which directly causes delay, the Building Inspector shall make a determination on the erection permit application within ten business days. In the event of a variance request or other delay occasioned by conduct of the applicant, the Building Inspector's time for making a determination under this section shall be extended for a period of time equal to the time period during which the variance application is pending, or to a period of time depending on the delay occasioned by the conduct of the applicant, whichever is applicable. In case of extenuating circumstance, the Building Inspector may apply to the Director of Public Safety for an extension of the time in which to complete his reviews, not to exceed an additional ten business days. In determining whether to grant this extension, the Director of Public Safety shall consider the reasons offered in explanation of the delay and balance them against the hardship to the applicant arising from an extended term for determination.
   (c)   Failure of the Building Inspector to issue a permit within the required ten business days, or, if an extension has been obtained, within the time permitted by the extensions, shall be construed as an issuance of the permit, upon the lapse of the last day upon which the Building Inspector may, pursuant to division (b) above, make his determination.
   (d)   If the proposed sign or advertising structure complies with this and all other applicable laws and ordinances of the City, the Building Inspector shall forthwith issue the requested permit upon receipt of the appropriate fees.  If the Building Inspector determines the application should be denied, he shall issue a written statement contemporaneous with his decision, explaining the reason or reasons for denial.
   (e)   If the work authorized under any erection permit is not completed within six months after the date of issuance, said permit shall become null and void.
(Ord. 2001-49. Passed 12-10-01.)