Signs, as permitted in the various use districts, shall be designed, constructed and installed to professional standards so as to be compatible in character, with regard to materials, color and size, to signs designed or located on the same building and on adjoining buildings in order to equalize the attention they are meant to attract and to produce an overall unified effect in accordance with the standards set forth in this section.
   (a)   Permanent Ground Signs. The height of a permanent ground sign shall be in accordance with Section 1383.09(c)(2). The base of all ground signs shall be softened with landscaping. Any ground sign not located in a landscaped area extending a minimum of two feet beyond all sides of the maximum plan projection of the ground sign or its base shall be enclosed with concrete curbing. Such curbing must be at least six inches in height and width, extending 12 inches below grade.
   (b)   Wall or Panel Signs.  All wall or panel signs shall not be more than 12 inches from the building wall to which they are attached. High voltage wiring to individual neon channel letters shall not pass through a building's fascia material. This wiring, as well as associated component parts of the sign, shall be contained within a continuous sheet metal raceway with a sheet metal cover to which these letters may be directly mounted. This complete self- contained letter and raceway assembly may then be properly mounted on a structure. The sign shall be set back from the end of the building and party wall lines at least three feet and shall not project above the coping or eaves of any building. Individual logos which are not part of the business or corporate name may not take up more than 20% of a wall or panel sign. Logos other than the business or corporate name are limited to wall or panel signs only. Upon removal or replacement of a wall sign, the exposed surface shall be cleaned and refurbished to new condition. All holes from attachments or damage shall be repaired.
   (c)   Relation to Traffic Control Devices.  No sign shall be erected so as to obstruct sight lines along any public way, traffic control lights, street name; signs at intersections or street sight lines. No sign visible from the sight lines along a street shall resemble any highway traffic sign.
   (d)   Signs on Corner Lots.  No sign shall be allowed within a triangle formed between points on the front and side lot lines within 35 feet from their intersection.
   (e)   Movement Restrictions. No flashing or moving illumination shall be permitted. No sign shall employ any parts or elements which revolve, rotate, whirl, spin or otherwise make use of motion to attract attention. No sign, or part thereof, shall contain or consist of banners, posters, pennants, ribbons, streamers, spinners or other similar moving devices. No such devices or strings of lights shall be used for the purpose of advertising or attracting attention when they are not part of a permanent sign.
   (f)   Barber Poles.  Revolving barber poles are permitted notwithstanding division (e) of this section.
(Ord. 2001-49. Passed 12-10-01.)