No person shall change the grade of any land within the Municipality without first obtaining a permit to do so pursuant to this section, unless such person shall have been required to and has obtained a permit pursuant to Sections 1381.01 and 1381.02. Application for such permit shall be made upon forms prescribed by the Building Inspector and shall include a topographical map and plans, specifications and profiles showing, among other things, the proposed grading, its relationship to adjacent lands and any change in elevation which will be caused by such grading.
   The fee for such application shall be the reasonable costs and expenses incurred by the Municipal Engineer in studying the application to determine its feasibility. When, in the opinion of the Engineer, such grading will not result in any backing, stagnation or overflow of water, thereby endangering the health and safety of the residents of the community and the value of property situated therein, the Inspector shall issue a permit authorizing such grading.
(Ord. 1989-32. Passed 8-14-89.)