At the time of applying for a permit to construct any building, or to make any alteration, repair or addition to any existing building which will require a change in the grade of the yard, the applicant shall also apply for a yard grading permit. This requirement to obtain a permit to change the grade of a yard shall apply to all grade changes in all the various classifications of property; provided, however, that no yard grading permit shall be required when an application for a building permit is not to construct a new dwelling or a new commercial building and when the Building Inspector determines that the natural grade or the established grade of the lot will not be changed.
   The application for a yard grading permit shall be made on forms prescribed by the Building Inspector.
   The fee for a yard grading permit shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00) and in addition thereto the reasonable costs and expenses incurred by the Municipal Engineer in setting the new grade.
(Ord. 1989-32. Passed 8-14-89; Ord. 2002-53. Passed 11-25-02.)