1379.10   COSTS.
   Any expenses or costs incurred under the provisions of this chapter for the removal, repair or alteration of any building or structure shall be paid by the owner of such building or structure. If the owner fails to pay for such cost within thirty days after the receipt
from the Director of Public Service of a statement of the charges and costs incurred therein, then the Director of Public Service shall certify such amount to the Director of Finance. The Director of Finance shall make written return to the County Auditor of the action under this Building Code with a statement of the charges for their services, the amount paid for the performing of such labor and a proper description of the premises for the purpose of making same a lien upon such lands and shall be collected, as other taxes, and returned to the City with the General Fund with special accounting thereof in accordance with Ohio R.C. 715.261, provided, however, that this section shall not apply to the demolition of any dwelling located within an area determined by Council to be an urban renewal area.
(Ord. 1966-11. Passed 2-14-66.)