(a)   If necessary, the notice that a building is unsafe shall also require the building, structure or portion thereof to be vacated forthwith and not be occupied or used until the specified repairs and improvements have been completed, inspected and approved by the Director of Public Service or the Building Inspector at the Director's request.
   (b)   The Director shall cause to be posted at each entrance to the building or structure a notice:
      “This structure is in a dangerous condition and has been condemned and its use has been prohibited by the Director of Public Service of the Municipality of Parma Heights, Ohio.
   The notice shall remain posted until the required repairs are made or demolition is completed. No person, firm or corporation or their agents or other servant shall remove the notice without written permission of the Director and no person shall use or enter the building or structure except for the purpose of making the required repairs or of demolishing the building or structure.
(Ord. 1954-84. Passed 11-1-54.)