A multi-family building shall be constructed as follows:
   (a)   All driveways and parking areas shall include concrete curbing. If asphaltic concrete is used, such curb shall be at least six inches in width, extend 12 inches below grade, extend six inches above grade and shall be a continuously poured concrete curb. The concrete curb on a concrete drive or concrete parking area may be poured as an integral part of the driveway or parking area. A concrete sidewalk that abuts a parking area may be used as the concrete curbing, provided such sidewalk is at least six feet in width.
   (b)   The driveway and parking area, if constructed of asphaltic concrete, shall be a minimum of two inches of asphaltic concrete over six inches of ODOT 304 limestone.
   (c)   All sidewalks, except as herein stated, shall be a minimum of four feet in width.
   (d)   Before any repair, no concrete drive that has deteriorated shall be resurfaced with asphaltic concrete.
(Ord. 1962-98. Passed 12-27-62; Ord. 2002-50. Passed 11-25-02.)