1373.04   ROOFING.
   A multi-family building shall be constructed as follows:
   (a)   The roof, if covered by asphalt singles, shall contain 15# Slater's felt underlay and asphalt shingles of a minimum weight of 210# per square.
   (b)   The roof, if constructed by the flat built-up type construction, shall contain a minium of three layers.
   (c)   Ice guard required at eaves and valleys at minimum 3 foot wide.
   (d)   One re-roofing will be allowed. A second re-roofing will be taken off the underlay before installing the new roofing material.
   (e)   An application for a permit shall be made to the City for the installation of a new roof or re-roofing for a residential unit. The fee for such application for permit shall be in accordance with the then existing schedule of fees contained in Chapter 1321.
(Ord. 1962-98. Passed 12-27-62; Ord. 2002-50. Passed 11-25-02; Ord. 2015-44. Passed 11-16-15.)