A multi-family building shall be constructed as follows:
   (a)   The walls and ceiling shall be lath and plaster totaling three-fourths inch or drywall of a minimum thickness of five-eighths inch, except that for walls within a suite and walls between suites when walls are of masonry construction, drywall may be a minimum thickness of one-half inch, and where ceilings are of masonry or concrete construction, drywall may be a minimum thickness of three-eighths inch.
   (b)   In multi-family buildings of two stories or less, all walls between suites or adjacent to common areas shall be completely separated from adjacent dwelling units by fire separation walls of not less than two-hour fire resistance rated construction and floor-ceiling assemblies of not less than one-hour fire resistance rated construction. All walls separating adjacent dwelling units shall go to the underside of the roof.
   (c)   All walls between suites specified in subsection (b) or (d) hereof shall have a sound rating of 55 to 59 Standard Transmission Class, as measured by the American Society of Testing and Materials. All floors between suites shall have a rating of 55 to 59 Impact Insulation Class as measured by the American Society of Testing and Materials. All drawings fro the construction of walls and floors shall be required to show the testing agency, the specific test performed and the date of the test that established the construction system as attaining the required sound and fire ratings.
   (d)   In multi-family buildings of more than two stories, all walls between suites shall be eight-inch masonry walls with furring strips and one-half inch drywall applied to each site of such masonry wall, or solid three and five-eighths inch thick concrete brick wall with a resilient clip with a five-eighths inch space and three- eighths inch rock lath and one-half inch plaster applied to one side of such brick wall and five-eighths inch plaster applied directly to the brick on the opposite side of such wall, provided that if such alternate wall is constructed, no electrical outlets shall be back to back or any closer than eighteen inches from one another.
   (e)   In multi-family dwellings of more than one floor, at least one stairway in each building shall be a minimum of forty-four inches in width. Each landing shall provide a minimum width of eight feet, six inches and a minimum depth of three feet, nine inches, or a minimum depth of seven feet, six inches and a minimum width of seven feet, four inches. Any building constructed with an approved elevator shall be exempt from this subsection.
(Ord. 1986-39. Passed 7-14-86.)