(a)   No single residence or home shall be constructed hereafter unless the structure is equipped with an appropriate digester-type garbage disposal unit.
   (b)   No multiple-family dwelling, rental unit or apartment house shall be constructed hereafter unless the aforementioned structure is equipped with a digester-type garbage disposal unit for each family unit or rental unit.
   (c)   No commercial building shall be constructed hereafter unless the structure contains therein a disposal of the digester-type for garbage, except that such digester need by installed only in that type of commercial building designed or equipped for or whose intended use includes the storing, sheltering, preparation, consumption or sale of food or foodstuffs.
   No incinerator shall hereafter be constructed in or in conjunction with any commercial building.
   (d)   No commercial building or multi-family dwelling building shall be hereafter constructed unless such building shall have sufficient storage area for refuse and garbage. In the event that such storage area is outside of the building, such area shall be enclosed by masonry walls, redwood fencing or other suitable material to completely conceal and to contain the articles and containers placed therein.