(a)   In addition to the fees prescribed in Sections 1325.01 to 1325.08, inclusive, the Director of Public Service shall, before issuing any permit for construction involving excavation, grading, drilling and hauling of earth to or from the site of construction, or the hauling of material to or from such site, collect from the applicant for the permit a deposit in the amount of five dollars ($5.00) for each foot of the lot or land on which such work shall be done which fronts on a highway, street, avenue, alley, sidewalk or public ground which is open to use by the public. On the completion of the work for which the permit was granted, the Building Inspector shall make the final inspection of the premises, and if, upon such inspection, he determines that all earth, debris and building material have been removed from the street, sidewalk or tree lawn, and if he determines that the sidewalk, curb and any other public property is in substantially the same condition as when the work began, he shall then return to the applicant the deposit less fifty dollars ($50.00) which shall be retained by the Municipality for the cost of inspection.
   Should, however, upon the inspection being made, the Inspector determines that earth, debris, or material of any kind must be removed from the street, tree lawn or sidewalk, to put the same in substantially the same condition as prior to the construction or that sidewalk or curb or other public property has been broken or otherwise damaged during the period of construction, from whatever cause, then and in that event the Director shall notify the applicant to cause the necessary work of removing debris or other material or any repairing or replacing of sidewalk, to be done forthwith in a manner satisfactory to the Director and when so done, the deposit shall be returned less fifty dollars ($50.00) which shall be retained for the cost of inspection.
   Should the applicant, within ten days after receiving the notice herein provided for, refuse or neglect to remove the required material or repair the sidewalk or curb or other public property required, then and in that event, the Inspector shall cause the work to be done, which cost shall be charged against the applicant, and the cost, so far as met by the deposit, shall be paid into the Municipal Treasury for the use of the Service Fund and the balance of the deposit as may remain after the deduction of the aforementioned cost shall be refunded to the applicant as aforesaid, less the sum of fifty dollars ($50.00) for the cost of inspection.
   (b)   A deposit of five dollars ($5.00) for each foot of sidewalk adjacent to a highway, street, avenue or alley which is open to public use shall be required to guarantee the construction of a sidewalk on any parcel of land upon which none exists at the time application for a building permit is made. Upon construction of the sidewalk to the satisfaction of the Director, this deposit shall be returned less fifty dollars ($50.00) for each separate lot or land, to be retained for the cost of inspection.
   (c)   To protect City property from damage, and to ensure the completion of all construction work, the removal of temporary offices, tools and/or storage sheds and the satisfactory restoration of the property involved, a deposit is required, prior to the issuance of a building permit, on all new dwellings, commercial construction or other construction as deemed necessary by the Director of Public Service. On every new building a cash deposit of five hundred dollars ($500.00) and a mud bond of two hundred dollars ($200.00) are required.
   For a group building of dwellings by one contractor, or for commercial construction or any other type of construction, the amount of cash deposit shall be set by the Director for a sum he or she deems adequate to protect the interests of the City. All deposits shall be subject to increase if the nature of the work warrant such an increase. When all construction work is completed, when all temporary offices, tools and/or storage sheds are removed and when the property involved has been restored to a reasonable state of orderliness, a final inspection shall be made.
   Where work has been completely satisfactorily at the time of final inspection, cash deposits will be refunded, with the exception of any charges deemed necessary for extra inspections.
(Ord. 1989-20. Passed 4-24-89; Ord. 2002-43. Passed 11-25-02.)