1323.06   PROTESTS.
   During the ten-day period following application for a building permit, any person, individual, corporation, partnership or association who opposes the issuance of such permit may register his protest and the reasons therefor in writing with the Building Inspector. In the event a protest has been received and it is nevertheless determined that a permit shall issue, the protesting party shall be notified of the decision in writing and be given an additional five days from the date of the notification to perfect an appeal to the Board of Zoning Appeals in the manner provided in Chapter 1139 of the Planning and Zoning Code. During the pendency of the appeal, any action in respect to the property, house, building or structure shall continue to be abated until final disposition of the appeal has been made by the Board. If at the end of these additional five days no appeal has been perfected, the permit shall be issued.
(Ord. 2002-42. Passed 11-25-02.)